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Wax That is a Great Place to Work

We strive to maintain a positive, uplifting work environment for each Wax That employee, one that supports a healthy work/life balance. As a result, we pay above market wages, make each staff member eligible for time off (rare in our industry), hire employees at W2 status so the tax burden isn’t all on them, are vigilant about monitoring technician hours to avoid overwork, and have built our own Wax Apprentice Program from the ground-up. We are proud to be the only waxing salon in Austin that offers a signature Wax Specialist Certification. Because of this whole human approach, most of our technicians have been with us for a number of years.

There are several reasons to work at Wax That (great coffee being just one of them), but here are our favorites:

our culture

We’re selective about who we hire, and it shows with our amazing crew. The vibe at Wax That is fun but pro, team-oriented but client-focused. And, you’re anything but a number here: you’re a key spice that makes the whole dish work.

Our clientele

Our customers value adornment, and this is a special part of their self-care routine. We believe that like attracts like, and as a result, the women and men who walk through our doors share our values. They (like us) believe in loving the skin you’re in, with quality ingredients and loving application, whether they’re tech CEO’s or college grads, yoginis or Cross Fitters, taco fans or – oh, wait. We’re all taco fans.

your career

Our pay structure is above market, and as Wax That grows, so do you. We are not a revolving door of employees; we cultivate long-lasting relationships. (For example, Graduates of our Apprenticeship Program have gone on to become trainers of the same program.)

Because we are boutique, we can do things at Wax That that chains can’t. Have an idea for a fun beauty workshop? Cool! Pitch it. We like it when our estheticians want to spread the beauty love to our customers – and we reward that initiative.


Open Positions

wax specialist

Do you love making people feel magical? Are you handy with wax – have been for a while – but are looking for an awesome place to work? If so: hey, hi there! Let's talk! Send us an email at careerssparkle@waxthat.com*.

Concierge position

As the first face our clients see when they walk in the door, it’s vital to us that our concierge is warm, welcoming, and calm. Are you able to make friends out of strangers? If so, Wax That wants you.

Our concierge position is open to those with a background in salon or retail, can operate our scheduling interface with speed and facility, and who will help keep the salon beautiful. Most importantly, we are looking for someone whose natural vibe makes clients feel comfortable, whether it’s in-person or on the phone.

You know when you’ve had a crazy day, and then someone you don’t know at all puts a huge smile on your face? We’re looking for that special someone. Let's talk! Send us an email at careerssparkle@waxthat.com.


The Wax That Apprenticeship Program

Eyebrow waxing services at Wax That, waxing in Austin Texas

Into it, but no experience? No problem. That’s why we created our apprenticeship program.

Wax That’s paid apprenticeship program is like no other in Austin. A 200+ hour course that acquaints you with both the art and critical safety techniques of waxing, Wax That’s apprenticeship program is composed of:

  • 16 hours of classroom training, where you learn product knowledge, client etiquette and comfort, wax technique, details of brow design, speed waxing, sanitation and safety, and more,

  • 48 hours of hands-on training, where one of our skilled, impeccable estheticians observes you in action,

  • 150 hours post-training, where you are on the floor taking clients.  

Average program completion is typically 11-16 weeks, and is a comfortable part-time schedule.

Fast-track options are available for candidates with some prior experience.

Want more info? Let's talk! Send us an email at careerssparkle@waxthat.com*.

*All applicants must be licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists in the state of Texas.


Yay team Wax That!