Waxing Services for Women


Brow Design $20

Brow & Lip $25

Lip, Chin or Sideburns $10

Full Face $40


Brazilian $59- (10-15 minute)

Are you Brazilian curious? It’s worth the plunge! Our classic Brazilian Wax removes hair from the bikini area, labial majora and between the buttocks. You get to choose if you like all, some, or no hair removed from the front pelvis.

French Bikini $55 

The French bikini cleans up as much as you like on the front pelvis while removing hair from the back of the labia majora and between the buttocks. The end result is a typical “looking” bikini with the cleanliness of a Brazilian underneath and behind.

Extended Bikini $45

This classic look leaves a smaller bikini area by removing a bit more than our Standard on all sides. You will be Itsy Bitsy Bikini ready!

Standard Bikini $35

Keep it neat and simple with our most modest bikini service. We remove hair along the crease of the thigh both in front and underneath. Optionally, we can clean up the line on top of the pelvic area beneath the belly button. This minimalistic clean up will leave you with a lovely tamed shape and ready for the pool.

Buttocks: In-between $15

Buttocks: Full $25


Underarm $18

Half Leg $35

Full Leg w/ Feet & Toes $75

Half Arm $35

Low Back $15


Waxing Services for Men


Brow $20

Ear $15

Nose $15

Neck $15


Brief Line $45

Simply minimal. The brief line service removes everything along the fold of the brief line in front and underneath.

Manzilian $90

Dare to go bare! Our Manzilian removes hair from the pelvic area, shaft, scrotum, and between the buttocks. If you like to keep some pelvic hair, just chat with your Wax Specialist.

Australian $85

Looking for a cleaner feel“down under”? Our Australian removes hair from the scrotum and between the buttocks while keeping the pelvic area natural.

Buttocks: In-between $20

Buttocks: Full $35


Back $50

Chest & Stomach $45

Shoulder & Sleeve $15

Underarm $18

Full Arm $50

Half Arm $40

Full Leg $90

Half Leg $45


Other Services


Brow Tint $15

LashTint $20

Flash Tat

Flash Tat $10+

Spark things up with Wax That’s exclusive Flash Tat service! Dazzle a shoulder or your bikini line, just choose from one of our many designs so we can add it to your service! Call for more pricing & details.

Your very best wax

 Comfortable and safe waxing is what we do - Wax That, Austin Texas' best wax.

who knew waxing could be fun?

While waxing itself has yet to be described as pleasant, clients often remark how Wax That's process is much more comfortable than they ever anticipated. Our quick and thorough Brazilian and bikini services are designed to go fast (15 minutes or less) and utilize specialized techniques to minimize any discomfort. Our highly trained technicians are here to help you feel at ease, while making sure your treatment is as quick and painless as possible.

 Eyebrows Austin Texas & Eyebrow Waxing

We use only the best waxing ingredients

We use an Italian, cream-based strip wax. The Titanium Dioxide base of this sensitive wax prevents unnecessary pulling or irritation to the skin. This strip wax is superior to hard wax for its ability to remove short and fine hairs. Soothing chamomile is used in every treatment to treat and calm sensitive skin.

we love the art of brow design

Our team of highly trained professionals designs each set of brows with keen precision and balance. We will educate you on how to obtain and support your very best brow look. After sculpting, trimming and tweezing your brow to perfection, your brows will be topped off with one of two Austin-based cosmetics, Rae Cosmetic Mineral or Eleve'. This final step helps gives that extra something to perfect your new brow look.

 Post-care for waxing from Wax That in Austin

Pre-wax grow-out tips:

It is best to stop shaving two weeks before most treatments. Generally, hair should be ½” to 1” in length, or approximately the length of a grain of rice. Gentle exfoliating and moisturizing skin as you grow out your hair helps to reduce the post-shave itch factor.

Post-wax homecare tips:

Exfoliating 72 hours after your treatment is the best way to avoid bumps and ingrown hairs post-wax. A gentle exfoliation scrub sloughs off dead, dry skin cells, and allows the new hairs to naturally grow and not get caught beneath the skin. Speak with your esthetician to learn the best course of action for you particular concern.


Ready to dive on in? 

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