As the first face our clients see when they walk in the door, it’s vital to us that our concierge is warm, welcoming, and calm. Are you able to make friends out of strangers? If so, Wax That wants you.

Our concierge position is open to those with a background in salon or retail, can operate our scheduling interface with speed and facility, and who will help keep the salon beautiful. Most importantly, we are looking for someone whose natural vibe makes clients feel comfortable, whether it’s in-person or on the phone.

You know when you’ve had a crazy day, and then someone you don’t know at all puts a huge smile on your face? We’re looking for that special someone. Call us.

What we're looking for in a concierge:

  • Juggler extraordinaire of all clients’ needs!
  • Master of technology and software systems
  • Bringing your calm nature to a busy atmosphere
  • Professional yet unique style
  • Energy to share
  • Compassionate towards others
  • Driven to build a long-lasting career
  • Able to make friends out of strangers!
  • Helping others learn to love the skin their in.
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Staff Testimonials :

"Working as a concierge at Wax That! has been a wonderful learning and growing experience. Not only have I learned how to multitask, organize, and schedule like a pro, but I have learned how to effectively communicate with clients and meet their needs. Building relationships with WT staff and clientele is another amazing part of this job. We are truly a team! I began as a Concierge Assistant, was then a Concierge, and have now become Lead Concierge! I am so grateful to WT management, estheticians, and front desk staff for creating a work atmosphere that makes employees want to come in to work and want to stick around for years to come!" 



"Working at wax that has been a dream come true! I am a college student, and my school schedule is always respected. The clients are super sweet, coworkers are thoughtful and kind, and working is made fun. Wax That is essentially a college students dream part time job come true."