Community Intention 

“Beautification is an opportunity to celebrate your body with self-care, and Wax That’s services are a part of our clientele’s beautification ritual. As members of Wax That, we hold space for others. In doing so, we nourish our own collective experience.”


1. Enjoy the unique brilliance

We celebrate all shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, partner preferences and personalities.

2. Shine your light

Sparkle your unique self and share the gift of you! Your uniqueness is a treasure. Offer guests and colleagues a helping hand, lend a conscious ear, share a heartfelt dream or make ’em laugh! Allow yourself to enjoy the precious moment of now.


3. Lead with compassion & integrity

The root of all understanding is compassion. The strength to do so comes from integrity. We encourage every person to remain within their integrity and to diffuse adversity by actively seeking compassion for themselves and for others.

4. Home is where the heart is

We offer our WT home as an escape and a retreat for many. We welcome them into the fold and ensure their needs are met, just as if they were in our very own casa.


6. Conscious communication

Our words inform others, naturally. But more importantly, they inform our own on-going perspective. Communicating your needs and perspective with awareness and compassion for your colleagues and guests is a beautiful gift for them and for you. Breath, consider, respond.

5. Give gratitude & exhibit trust

We are here as individuals to work as one. Gratitude nourishes and replenishes both our individual experience and the experience of the whole. When compromises are necessary, we trust the whole is working and cheering for each of our betterment as the whole is served. With trust and gratitude, we encourage use of mental dexterity to nurture a community-minded perspective.