Clients are asked to maintain a valid credit card on file. Have no worries, your credit card information is secure and will not be charged unless there is a cancellation(s) or appointment change(s) less than 24hrs prior to your appointment start time.

Dear Patron,

Wax That, reserves an estie’s time especially for you upon booking your appointment. When our schedule is reserved, we must turn away clients because we’re taking care of you. When appointments are cancelled on the same day, or you do not make it in (no call, no show), it takes away our opportunity to fill these appointment times. In an effort to ensure your convenience upon booking, and to ensure the betterment of our staff, we ask that you provide your credit card information upon booking.  

-Thank you for your regard in this matter- WT Management


Late Cancellation/No Show Conditions

All appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a credit charge equal to 50% of all services scheduled.

Late Cancellation

Not showing up to a scheduled appointment

Rescheduling an appointment within 24 hours

Canceling an appointment within 24 hours

Late Arrival

Wax That is entitled to charge 50 % of any missed service due to late arrival.

Showing up 8 minutes or later is considered a late arrival. In this case, we cannot guarantee your appointment.  Since most appointments are allotted 20 minutes, an 8-minute tardy will not give our esties enough time to complete the service with the quality and care that you deserve. However, we encourage you to work with our talented front desk staff to see if we can offer some flexibility.

Declined C/C On-file

Credit cards expire and change overtime. We completely understand and ask that you update your credit card on file as changes occur.  Our front desk staff will help to remind you upon your visits, but we ask that you make an effort to help us keep our records optimal.

If the credit card you have on file is declined after attempting to charge the 50% late cancellation fee, we will need the updated payment information in order to complete the charge. If the balance is not cleared before your next appointment request, you will be asked to pay the Cancellation Charge before we can schedule another service.