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Introducing Our June Crystal

We are excited to announce that our June crystal is sulfur quartz, a yellow power crystal ready to kick-off your summer!

Sulfur quartz stones are considered powerful crystals for transformation and change. Its purifying element is used for clearing negative energy and toxicity, bringing balance to your emotional and mental state. Finding balance in your mind and body can improve your self-esteem, willpower, and nervous and immune system.

Sulfur quartz is associated with the solar plexus (third chakra in the system), which is our new chakra for the next few months. When the solar plexus is open and energy is balanced, your functions of decision-making, confidence, independence, self-discipline, and clarity of judgement are able flow freely. This energy is disturbed when you are feeling depressed, regretful, and angry.

Come in to experience crystal therapy with sulfur quartz, which is included with all services. Book online or give us a call!

Two New Crystals Available at Both Locations

It's finally spring, and we're excited to feature two new stones to address two essential chakras at Wax That!

First up, the root chakra is considered most aligned with your physical energy, keeps you grounded to the earth, and connected to others around you. We've chosen Black Tourmaline for our root chakra, which is used for spiritual grounding, cleansing, and balance.

Second, the sacral chakra is closely tied to emotional balance and creativity. An open sacral chakra is important for living a healthy and prosperous life. We've chosen Citrine for our sacral chakra. It opens and activates this chakra and has cleansing properties, which can help clear a blockage.

Come by and experience the benefits of our featured crystals. Hold on to one or more during your next appointment!

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