Meet Stephanie, our newest Junior Specialist


Hi, everyone. Meet Stephanie. She's recently graduated from her Wax That apprenticeship and is now a Junior Specialist. We've loved watching her grow as a technician (she's put in more than 200 hours of training!), and she's now on the floor flying solo. We asked Stephanie to share her favorite things about being part of the Wax That family and what to do in Austin this summer.

(Stephanie pictured above)

(Stephanie pictured above)

What is your favorite part of the job?

I really love getting to know people. Developing relationships with others is in our nature and I'm happy I found a profession where that is encouraged. When a guest is willing to trust you with something as personal as waxing, it helps to build that connection. I think it’s important to honor and appreciate that.

What is your favorite crystal to work with and why?

I have to say amethyst! I am always drawn to it. Its protection against negative energy is unparalleled. But it also helps to promote positive energy, which is really important when working closely with other people. I believe energy is contagious, good or bad. I want to spread the good!

What is the best thing to do in Austin during the summer months?

I have to be in the water. Any body of water will do. Whether it’s floating in the river or floating in the pool. Being in the water, in the summer, in Texas... is key!

How has your experience in the Wax That apprenticeship program impacted you?

I have so much appreciation for the training I have received at Wax That. It has given me the confidence and skill I need to be successful in the career path I have chosen. I know I have great things to come and an incredible support system to help me along my journey.

Take advantage of Stephanie's Junior Specialist rates before she advances to the next level and book with her by July 8th. Make an appointment with any of our Junior Specialists at our East location to receive $5 off facial waxing & $10 off body waxing.

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