Insider tips that will make waxing less painful


5 Insider Tips That Will Make Your Post-Wax Experience Better

You've heard your waxing technician tell you this time and time again, but what exactly do you need to remember to do (or not to do) post-wax? We've made it super simple by distilling the best post-wax tips and tricks into these 5 easy steps.

1) Hydrate and moisturize

In the evening after your face or body wax, apply aloe vera gel or cortisone cream to the waxed area to help soothe any redness or irritation. Aloe gel is anti-bacterial, contains antioxidants and vitamins, and helps to retain moisture in the skin. Just make sure you use a natural aloe gel that does not contain any alcohol (check the ingredients list). Drink plenty of water pre and post-wax to help make your waxing treatment less painful.

2) Take an anti-inflammatory pill

If the area is sore or achy, take an anti-inflammatory pill such as Ibuprofen or Advil and you should feel relief within the hour. Pro Tip: If you know your body often reacts this way or you are nervous about getting your first wax, take an anti-inflammatory pill 30-45 minutes before your appointment to reduce feelings of pain.

3) Limit sun exposure

If you're going to be out in the sun 24 hours after your wax make sure you apply SPF to the waxed area and try to cover up. Even low sun exposure can result in a sunburn.

4) Do not swim, steam, tan, or engage in sexual activity

The reason why we advise you not to swim, steam, tan, or engage in sexual activity within 48 hours of your bikini or brazilian wax is to minimize any potential skin irritations such as red or white bumps. Because the waxed area is extremely sensitive and your skin is still recovering for the first day or so post-wax, we want to ensure your healing process goes smoothly.

5) Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating 48 hours after your wax will help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. Trust us, removing an ingrown hair can be more painful than getting a wax! A gentle exfoliating scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, therefore allowing new hair to naturally grow without getting caught beneath the skin.

You can also apply a topical product to help clean out the pores. We love using PFB Vanish's roll-on exfoliator which contains salicylic acid and lactic acid to prevent ingrown hairs. Over time, waxing can help reduce hair growth, but you'll want to keep your skin healthy and happy (do not pick at any ingrown hairs!) to achieve the best results. You can pick up a bottle of PFB at our South and East locations.

Going on vacation soon? We recommend that you book your wax one week before you travel. Use our online booking system or give us a call!