Manifest with Chelsea Francis, Creative Powerhouse

The next phase of chakra energy, the Solar Plexus, will rule our summer months and provide us with a chance to focus on our personal power. Who better to interview for MANIFEST than our friend Chelsea Francis, an Austin-based creative powerhouse who is a photographer, editor, connector and creative director. Find out how she manifests her dreams and focus on self-care.

WT: We’ve been following your travels on Instagram and many of the places you’ve been to look amazing. What effect have these travels had on your life experience? 

CF: Oh my gosh! So many. The number one thing is that it's firmed up my understanding of my independence. 

WT: One of the things we love about you is how you share your authentic self. Why is it important for you to show the unglamorous side behind what’s on social media?

CF: I share the inbetweens because that's where we live most of our lives. So I try and share when I'm sick, or sad, or not wearing makeup because I hope that someone else will see it and realize it's normal for them to exist in those places too. This is also why I share so so much about therapy and my relationship with anxiety. 

WT: You are a female founder and often share your ups and downs about freelancing life with your audience. What’s the biggest piece of advice you have for someone wanting to start their own thing?

CF: Do as much as you can to figure out exactly why YOU are wanting to do the thing. And then do the thing!

WT: At Wax That we believe that self-care is a sacred act. What rituals do you follow?
CF: I read everyday with a cup of coffee. I take a lot of baths. And I try to limit my screen time drastically when I can. 

WT: We offer affirmations and crystal therapy with every service at our studios. Do you have a favorite affirmation and why?

CF: I have some amethyst that I really like. I'm not super into crystals but I do love having them around. My favorite affirmation is: I am the foremost expert on me and making decisions and choices for myself is something I can be strong and confident in. 

WT: What’s your secret to manifesting your dreams?

CF: Working hard and trusting that the universe is looking out for you while also working hard to bring other up with you who aren't afforded the same privileges you are.

Follow her on Instagram at @ohhhchelsea and Wax That @waxthataustin.

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Manifest with Lauren Walsh, Founder & CEO, Global Sisterhood
Global-Sisterhood-Team-Lauren-Elizabeth-Walsh2 (1).jpg

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th we thought it would be inspiring to sit down with Lauren Walsh, Founder & CEO of Global Sisterhood, to learn more about how women are supporting women around the world.

Wax That: Can you tell us about Global Sisterhood and its mission?

Lauren Walsh: Global Sisterhood is a platform for rising women on the path of self-discovery and a worldwide movement of sister circles in over 90 countries. We provide content and tools for emotional freedom and feminine leadership, and aim to break the molds of competition by replacing them with sisterhood and connectedness.

Global Sisterhood turns 4 years old this year!

WT: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve experienced since founding the organization?

LW: The entire thing has surprised me! But I would have to say, the MOST surprising is the fact that Global Sisterhood has touched the lives of a million+ women in some capacity – whether from our videos, signing up with us, or joining a sister circle in another city or country.

WT: Tell us about this year’s #FreeTheFeminine campaign?

LW: It’s no secret that #metoo we revealed a huge wound in the collective. We all know this. It’s time to heal – but how? With everything we’ve been through as women, it truly time to unite in the name of healing and progress. The world is craving the medicine of the feminine, and it’s up to us women to truly value ourselves, believe we are enough, and rise into our power so we can help create new systems, businesses, and healthy families that are conducive to humanity’s wellbeing and evolution. We can focus on the wound or we can focus on solutions. I personally believe that within every woman is a solution: she just has to believe in her voice and power. That’s why we are gathering together. We are gathering together to unleash our collective power. We are inviting women all over the world to unite in sister circles and listen to our live broadcast meditation.

Over the last few years Global Sisterhood has had over 300,000 women from 85 countries around the world participate in its campaign on International Women’s Day and 60,000 listened live to the broadcast mediation.

WT: Why do you think this year’s event will be the most powerful ever?

LW: Because I believe we have had enough of the blaming and debating. I believe we are tired of self doubt and fear. It’s simply time to unite. It’s simply time for us to feel free to express and be who we want to be in this world. In order to feel free, we must help others feel free.

In order to feel free, we must help others feel free.

WT: At Wax That we believe that self-care is a sacred act. What rituals do you follow?

LW: Yum! I adore this question. My beauty ritual is coming into Wax That! I love the acupressure before my waxing. I also bathe religiously with salts and oils. I meditate, dance, get my yoga on, journal, and circle with women every new moon. Not to mention, I create transformational rituals for a living, but every once in a while, I “ritualistically” check out and watch 5 hours of Netflix. Yup, my life is one big ritual. Being aware and mindful is key, y’all!

WT: We offer affirmations and crystal therapy with every service at our studios. Do you have a favorite affirmation and why? What is your favorite crystal and why?

LW: I love Jasper – it’s more a stone than a crystal, but it’s very grounded and good for the root chakra. I need lots of grounding, so I like putting Jasper on my belly and taking deep breaths. My favorite affirmation is “I am safe. I am loved.”

My favorite affirmation is “I am safe. I am loved.”

WT: How can women get involved with Global Sisterhood?

LW: Easy! You can come to our local circle. Go to and find us on the map! We hold circles at Soma Vida every new moon.

WT: What’s your secret to manifesting your dreams?

LW: Phew. Big one. My secret is surrender and trust that I am being guided, and that wherever I go is what’s best for my soul’s evolution. I have dreams, for sure – but I actively surrender them. I simply want to be moved by something greater than myself. I trust that being in service will lead me to a fulfillment of dreams I didn’t even know I had.

My secret is surrender and trust that I am being guided, and that wherever I go is what’s best for my soul’s evolution.

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