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Bleach That

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Some assholes just need to lighten up.  

  • Give your intimate areas a sexy glow by evening out your skin tones with our bleaching services. 

  • Erase scars and hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

Why Bleach That?

What to Expect

How it Works

A service that is comfortable and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.  We use exvlusive technique and expertise to safely and effectively neutralize / even out your skin tones.

It is the same concept as bleaching your hair. We provide the service of depositing the lightener in a safe, controlled environment through effective strategy, using top of the line medical supplies, along with reputable product. Services are scheduled  every 4 - 6 weeks until desired skin tone is reached.  Apply the PinkWink product at home every 2 days in-between appointments.  (Just like color protectant shampoo).  Once your desired tone is reached, come in every 3 months to touch-up your pink donut.

Is it Safe?

YES! All bleaching services are done in a private, controlled environment by licensed Master Estheticians with extensive training and product knowledge. 

What Areas Can be Bleached?

  • The anus (includes surrounding darker area(s) between the cheeks

  • Outer Vagina Lips

  • Mound (pubic bone area)

  • Underarms

  • Knees 

  • Elbows

Before You Come In

  1. Avoid any activity that might irritate the area(s) being bleached

  2. Freshen up your area(s) with a wet wipe

For Flawless Results:

  1. Start waxing and ditch your razor! Totally serious, it makes a HUGE difference.

  2. Exfoliate regularly with your complimentary scrubby brush

  3. Apply your PinkWink product every 2 days in-between services

Possible Side Effects:

  1. Desire to always be naked

  2. Boosted self-confidence before, during and after intimacy 

  3. Increase in nude selfies

  4. Urge to tell others about your private parts

  5. Uncontrollable giggling

  6. Excessive smiling to yourself

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