Wax That's paid Apprenticeship Program is like no other in Austin!

A 330-hour course that acquaints you with both the art and critical safety techniques of waxing, Wax That’s Apprenticeship Program is composed of:

·      45 hours of classroom training, where you learn product knowledge, client etiquette and comfort, wax technique, details of brow design, speed waxing, sanitation and safety, and more,

·      60 hours of shadowed work, where one of our skilled, impeccable estheticians observes you in action,

·      230 hours post-training, where you are on the floor taking clients. 

 Average program completion is typically 17-20 weeks, and is a comfortable part-time schedule.

Fast-track options are available for candidates with some prior experience.

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Staff Testimonials : 

"It was so great to receive the best intensive training during Wax That's Apprenticeship Program. I felt thankful to be learning from such supportive, knowledgeable, and engaging teachers. Each Apprentice, no matter their skill set upon starting the program, gets to graduate with a comprehensive education in waxing techniques, and infused with genuine enthusiasm for providing top notch client services. I gained such confidence and improved my skills 100x over during my Wax That Apprenticeship. I'm very grateful for the experience!"



"My experience in the Wax That training program was wonderful! I gained so much knowledge, and skill from my time in training and I still feel comfortable coming to my trainers with any questions and knowing that I will always get the support I need. After graduation the program I felt very confident with my skill set, and love that we do continuing education to touch base and hone in on our skills. I've gained a ton of knowledge, and the schedules during training and after have been great and given me a perfect work life balance."