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Wax That is a Safe Salon

Clean wax for all waxes at Wax That waxing salon and studio in Austin, TX

Waxing is an intimate beauty process. That’s why Wax That follows impeccable safety measures, and shares them openly with our clients.

As the only waxing salon in Austin to offer its own apprenticeship program, Wax That upholds quality care standards through each of its employees. Our safety policies include:

  • Never double-dipping wax.

  • Changing linens (with bleach) after every client.

  • Cleaning tools with medical grade disinfectants.

  • Using gloves (including for facial wax).

  • Using tools to select wax sticks (not bare hands/fingers).

  • Do not rush the procedure or client exchange.

  • Do not take excessive time to complete the procedure: we want our clients to be comfortable, and comfort is a safety concern.

  • Disinfect all hard surfaces, including tables and lamps between every client.

  • Verifying client health pre-procedure.

  • Inclining our service table at an angle that is correct for the client’s body.

  • Practicing specific safety measures for pregnant clients.

  • Taking care of our estheticians through service furniture ergonomics.

We also carefully source our retail products, and develop relationships with the artisans who make them.   

Practicing self-care requires faith in your practitioners, and we are delighted to serve you. Book online or give us a call.


Wax That is an ethical salon

Ritual [noun/“rich-u-al”]:

An action repeated on a schedule.

Sacred [adj/“sayk-red”]:

Precious, in high esteem/regard, to be revered at all cost, devoted to, deeply respected, unbroken, dear to the heart.

Interior of the chic space at Wax That, natural products and items for self-care




At Wax That, we view self-care as a sacred act. By offering the highest quality (as well as most comfortable) waxing experience in town, we celebrate your beauty ritual.  

Our ethics and our intent inform the way we treat everyone who walks through our door; they also inform the way we treat our employees, and engage with our community. Our driving philosophy can be summarized in three thoughts:

  • Beautification comes not from a place of lack, but from a place of abundance.

  • Ritual has a place in our lives – as does rebellion.

  • When we can hold space for others, we hold space for ourselves.


Beautification comes not from a place of lack, but from a place of abundance.

So often, the message behind a beauty product or service is, at its heart, “you are not enough.” Most of us know that isn’t true, and yet, we often battle a creeping sense of guilt for wanting to feel beautiful. If we know we’re fundamentally enough, but also want to self-adorn…well then, what the hell are we supposed to do?

Here at Wax That, we challenge the premise. Beautification can be an acknowledgement that you love yourself. And, that you want to celebrate this precious being. The desire doesn’t have to come from a place of personal lack, but from a healthy understanding that you are abundant.


Ritual has a place in our lives – as does rebellion.

Ritual gives us an opportunity to be held – a form of support we all desperately need.

Ritual is an extension of self-care; it’s also a form of self-love. Here at Wax That, we also believe that ritual is a social good. So to help you experience it, we’ve created a space that dissolves the extra weight on your shoulders the moment you walk in the door. To be a space where you could instantly drop in, and leave everything behind for a little while. Slow down. Put the phone on do not disturb. And be cared for. Crazy, right?

Coming to our space is your ritual. Self-love is your rebellion.

When we hold space for ourselves, we can hold space for others.

This notion sums up the way we do business at Wax That, for clients & employees.

We strive to maintain an uplifting & supportive work environment for each Wax That employee, one that supports a healthy work/life balance.

As a result, we pay above market wages, make each staff member eligible for time off (rare in our industry), hire employees at W2 status so the tax burden isn’t all on them, are vigilant about monitoring technician hours to avoid overwork, and have built our own Wax Apprentice Program from the ground-up.

We are proud to be the only waxing salon in Austin that offers a signature Wax Specialist Certification. Because of this whole human approach, most of our technicians have been with us for a number of years.

Our philosophy of holding space also extends to our retail partners. We curate products that we would only use on ourselves, and consciously source cruelty-free, fair trade whenever possible. As a local business, we strive to give back to our community: 98% of our retail is sourced locally. And because we’re a women-owned business, we like holding space for our sisters, too! So 98% of our products also come from woman-owned companies.

Finally, ancient tradition tells us that women have been gathering together for centuries for beautification and for community. How lucky are we that we can bring in women, men, and everyone in between during these modern times? Holding space for clients is one of our highest values, and when they get the chance to be vulnerable for a moment, they can help others do the same.






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